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Waking watch service (also referred to as a fire watch) is a system whereby staff continually patrol all floors and the exterior perimeter of the building to maintain safety of occupants of the building from fire.

After the Grenfell fire incident, the Fire Authority issued  a new guidance for fire safety for high rise residential blocks which had failed fire risk assessments. This was largely due to the risk posed by aluminium composite and other building materials used on external walls of the buildings that were deemed unsafe.

In the occurrence of a fire, the authority recommended a change of strategy to simultaneous evacuation in place of the earlier stay put strategy that had long been in place. However, in buildings without an adequate fire alarm and warning system with sounders in purpose-built flats, the new strategy posed an unacceptable safety risk to residents in the event of a fire. As such, interim mitigation measures have to be put in place to initiate immediate evacuation until an adequate and reliable warning system is put in place. One such measure is for a fire Marshal also known as a waking watch officer to patrol all internal and external areas of the buildings with two main responsibilities:  The early detection of a fire and providing a warning to occupants as well as managing the evacuation thereafter. They would also have a list of any elderly, disabled and handicapped residents requiring further assistance for a swift evacuation.

Metropole Security will provide fully trained SIA qualified waking watch officers who are also fire Marshals that will provide the safety and peace of mind of your residents. Contact us today to discuss your needs further and get that affordable rate !