Roles and Responsibilities:

Traffic marshals help to prevent accidents from happening on a building site or loading bay.

Our traffic marshals are the eyes and ears of drivers of large vehicles, in particularly cranes and heavy goods vehicles. These vehicles are quite hard to move, and due to the driver's position in the vehicle, they don't provide drivers a good line of sight. This is why traffic marshals play a pivotal role in a construction site.

As part of their daily duties, traffic marshals usually receive a risk assessment briefing, to which they use, along with their training, to carry out their tasks.

They ensure there are no obstructions on the vehicle's path while keeping a look out for any potential causes for accidents. While directing vehicles, traffic marshals maintain a healthy distance away from the vehicle, but close enough to be visibly seen by the vehicle driver. 

Marshals do need to keep moving to different positions on the site as the vehicle manoeuvres so that the driver can still see them. But as they move, the marshal needs to be fully aware of his or her surroundings and keep a look out for people who might come in harms way. 

Our marshals are skilled  in :

  • Excellent knowledge of health and safety procedures
  • Good awareness of environment
  • Assertiveness
  • Attention to detail
  • Clear and confident communication skills
  • Ability to communicate using complex hand signals
  • Good fitness levels

Our traffic marshals hold up to date CSCS cards needed to work in construction sites and have also undergone HSE banksman certification training.